Heartburn Prevention

As a heartburn sufferer, heartburn prevention should be a priority in your life.  With over 60 million heartburn sufferers, and with the amount of information that exists today on heartburn, you would expect to find more initiative from people for heartburn control.  Educating yourself with good solid heartburn prevention information will help ease your mind and your heartburn pain.

Now we all know that heartburn won’t hit everyone, but a very large number of people will suffer from it.  The number of heartburn sufferers continues to grow larger and larger, along with the numbers for heartburn related illnesses.

If your family has a history of heartburn or if you’re overweight or if you tend to drink large amounts of caffeine or if you like eating spicy meals… then there’s a good chance that you’re at risk for heartburn.  If anyone of these describes you then I can assume you’re interested in the heartburn prevention methods available to help you with your heartburn pain relief.

The most common way to relieve heartburn symptoms is to eat smaller meals.  When you eat large meals it fills your stomach, which in turn increases your risk of heartburn.  Also, eat regularly, and don’t eat just before bedtime because lying down can cause the acid in your stomach to rise up to your esophagus.  An obvious one is to not exercise for 2-3 hours after a meal.

Now these may be difficult for some of you to avoid, but believe me they do make a big difference when they’re avoided.  Avoid alcohol, and other beverages that will stimulate your heartburn, like citric juices and tomato juice. All products with caffeine should be avoided, as should nicotine, which means no smoking either!

Lying down on your left side also helps, as does elevating your head when you sleep.  Placing a few bricks, or blocks of wood underneath the headboard to elevate it slightly should be okay, otherwise try using a wedge-like pillow under your head.  I’ve done both of these and if I were to pick one of these to do first I would choose the blocks underneath the headboard.  I did this with 6-inch blocks and I immediately saw a difference.

Avoid tight fitting clothing for obvious reasons because they put a strain on your stomach.  Also, try to avoid bending because acid reflux is quite common in this situation.

I believe it’s a matter of education and this is one of the primary reasons why I created this website on heartburn.   Through my own education of heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, GERD, etc… I wanted to share what I learned with other heartburn sufferers.  I read a lot of resources and found a lot of things like Medicine For Heartburn, indigestion prevention prescription drugs, a natural heartburn cure, a heartburn homemade remedy, and even baking soda for heartburn, which reduces stomach acid for heartburn control.

During your journey to control heartburn you’ll come across all kinds of heartburn remedies, but I suggest you stick with what works for you. So if you find a heartburn prevention treatment that works for you then you’ll be on your way to a heartburn free life.   Trust me when I say you can end up spending a lot of money on low price heartburn control with little or no results.

I’ve been where a lot of you are at right now and you’ll soon realize that educating yourself on heartburn prevention will be critical in establishing a heartburn free life.  Whether you get your information from this website or another just make sure you do your homework before opening your wallet.  I can guarantee you that anything I recommend will either be something I’ve used myself or thoroughly reviewed.

These are only a few of the heartburn prevention methods available to us, but these are considered the easiest methods to use and practice.  Heartburn prevention is easy.  Don’t put it off!  Start your heartburn prevention today before you succumb to the painful rigors of heartburn.

If you’re like me and don’t want to spend your valuable time in front of the computer reading website after website about heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, etc… then you should consider relying on a single source of information. During my research I came across several publications that have consolidated all of the good information related to curing my heartburn and acid reflux. I highly recommend you take a look at them. For your convenience I’ve rated them myself and you can review them by click here heartburn relief.