Safe Foods For Heartburn

Below is a list of safe foods for heartburn, which are also known as good foods for heartburn. Whether you suffer from chronic heartburn or from occasional heartburn symptoms, this list of safe foods is ideal for creating a heartburn diet. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it does provide a basis for you to create a few meals for heartburn.

FruitsBananas, Fresh or Dried Apples
VegetablesBroccoli, Cabbage, and Carrots
MeatsLean Ground Beef, Skinless chicken breasts
DairyFat free cream cheese, Feta or goat cheese
GrainsCorn bread, Multi-grain or white bread, Bran
BeveragesMineral water
Fats & OilsLow-fat salad dressing
SweetsRed licorice and Jelly beans

It’s important to remember that this is not a complete list of the safe foods for heartburn sufferers.  It’s a list of foods to start with and to add to as you find new safe foods for you.  This list is important for you to be heartburn free, but the list of Bad Foods For Heartburn are equally important for acid reflux/heartburn relief.

If you’re serious about creating a heartburn diet then you should use these as a basis for you to start from. I’ll soon be writing an article listing some heartburn recipes for you to choose from.  If you want a comprehensive list of both good and bad foods for heartburn then you definitely need to check out this download book “Cure Your Heartburn”.  This #1 selling book is dedicated entirely to curing your heartburn naturally… no more pills!

If you’re looking to eat a meal that’s fit for a king, then you’ll probably be disappointed by the choice of foods available to you, but if you eat to live, and not live to eat, then you won’t have a problem. The benefits of staying away from the bad foods for heartburn far outweigh the disadvantages of actually giving in to your cravings. So remember to stay with the foods for heartburn that keep you heartburn free. 

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