Acid Reflux Diet

Below I’ve listed some foods that are considered to be acid reflux diet related foods. This list and the safe foods for heartburn can be used interchangeably because these foods that cure acid reflux do the same for heartburn. A reflux diet is one that tries to reduce the amount of acid produced in the stomach, which is sometimes referred to as an acid reflux alkaline diet.

Even the mildest cases of Acid Reflux Symptoms can benefit from incorporating these foods into an acid reflux/heartburn diet. Remember the goal of all acid reflux sufferers is the pursuit of acid reflux relief in anyway possible, and an acid reflux diet should be the number one goal to accomplish that.

FruitsBananas, Fresh or Dried Apples, and Apple Juice
VegetablesBroccoli, Cabbage, and Carrots
MeatsLean Ground Beef, Skinless chicken breasts, and London Broil Steak
DairyFat free cream cheese, Feta or goat cheese, and Fat-free sour cream
GrainsCorn bread, Multi-grain or white bread, Bran or Oatmeal cereal, and Pretzels
BeveragesMineral water
Fats & OilsLow-fat salad dressing
SweetsRed licorice and Jelly beans

Like I stated in the heartburn foods article, this is not a complete list of foods that cure acid reflux.  While these are foods you should incorporate into your reflux diet, you should also be aware of the foods to avoid. Basically you want to avoid the type of foods that can trigger excess stomach acid. With these list of foods and others you can create some very tasty acid reflux diet recipes.

If you’re serious about creating an acid reflux diet then you should use these foods as a basis to start from. I’ll soon be writing an article listing some acid reflux diet recipes as well as an article on acid reflux natural remedies.

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